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Modular & Workflow-Driven

The project management software for businesses that can’t slow down.

Tenrox online project management software solutions are modular. You can opt to implement them all at once, or in phases to minimize these risks, reduce unnecessary costs, delays and complexity.  Tenrox is the only workflow-driven project tracking software that can be deployed in a phased manner to simplify the various project management processes such as project planning, time and expense tracking, project cost and billing, resource management and financial planning. Tenrox is viewed as a strategic investment with a roadmap to automate your online project management processes.

Manage Locally & Globally

Cloud software to manage your projects anywhere, anytime.

Tenrox project tracking software empowers your project workforce by giving them the tools they need to become more independent and to make faster, more informed decisions. With the Tenrox software, your team members can access real-time information on costs, billable work, status, schedules, issues and change requests from anywhere and at any time. That access helps ensure successful resource management, project planning and execution, with fewer delays and no surprises.

Tenrox offers both online project management software and professional service automation software (PSA software) to empower your project workforce locally, and provides visibility globally. It’s simply a more efficient way to ensure project success, with on-demand, modular tools that let you manage globally dispersed customers, projects and teams in any time zone.

Flexible & Proven

Cloud-based online project management software – streamlined.

Business moves fast. Every project is unique. And every client has different requirements. So project-driven businesses simply can’t afford to waste time and money deploying complex, rigid and cumbersome project management software that’s neither adaptable nor agile. Yet many of today’s cloud-based project management software alternatives are offered by unproven companies who don’t understand your business, your reporting requirements, or your integration needs.

That’s why so many companies turn to Tenrox, the leading online project management software that’s streamlined, flexible and proven. Tenrox project tracking software is the only true workflow-driven project and service delivery solution for today’s globally dispersed project workforce. Tenrox Cloud Professional Services Automation and Project Workforce Management solutions are best of breed browser independent offerings built on the Microsoft platform. Tenrox’s intuitive user interface, easy to configure options, and Quick Connect technology simplify deployment, accelerate user adoption and simplify project management.