Enterprise Project Management Software, Project Planning System and Tools

Online enterprise project management software by Tenrox consists of web based project planning, project accounting, project collaboration and project tracking capabilities. Online project management system and tools model and enforce best practices that facilitate reliable and consistent project planning, launch and delivery. Tenrox provides workflow management software for managing projects using intuitive web-based project management tools.

Workforce Management, which is sometimes referred to as Human Capital Management, is the process of balancing work needs with available resources. It is a project planning and project tracking software that enables an organization to ensure that strategic capacity planning objectives are met in an efficient, cost effective manner, while also balancing best practices and complying with government labor laws.

With a workflow-management software approach, Tenrox unites enterprise project management and resource management to provide a complete online project management software, project accounting, and resource management system.

Project Workforce Management
Project planning software, resource management software, workforce management

Online enterprise project management software tools features

  • Project planning software: plan projects at the task level
  • Resource assignment: assign tasks to resources
  • Project tracking software: track planned versus actual time spent on tasks
  • Collaboration: Managing projects is simplified by enabling collaboration between project managers and project team members. The online project management system provides project dashboards, online status reports and risk/issue tracking
  • Earned Value: combines planned work actually performed based on project schedule and budget to calculate how much work is actually accomplished (earned) and estimate the project completion date

Resource management software features

  • Resource Management & Scheduling software: skill and availability resource management software keeps track of employee skill sets and availability for resource planning, capacity planning, training and hiring decisions
  • Web based project time tracking software: track and approve employee/consultant work time, overtime and leave time. Validated time data is sent to a payroll system to process payroll (see Note 1)
  • Time-off, leave management: manage vacation time accrual, holidays, sick or medical leave and other authorized time-off (see Note 1)
  • Project cost management and project accounting: maintain resource cost information including exempt/non-exempt status, hourly rate or salary, bonuses, and other resource cost related rules

Note 1: Tracks project compliance with labor laws including overtime pay, and paid/unpaid leave regulations.

In addition to the above, the following processes, which fit naturally as part of an online project management software tool, are also automated:

Travel and entertainment (T&E) project expense management: import credit card transactions, manage multiple currency expense reports or cash advances. Reimburse employees for approved expenses using payroll, checks, or other expense reimbursement systems. By tracking detailed T&E expenses in one online project management system, you gain access to a complete real-time view of all project costs and benefits.

Project billing software: The same project time and expense information used to track project and resource costs can be used to track billable time. Tenrox online project management software supports billing rules such as hourly, fixed, pro-rated, cost plus, and split billing and non time related billing such as date-based, milestone or recurring billing.

Simplify managing projects, project accounting and project workflow management with Tenrox project management software

Web based project management software by Tenrox offers simple yet powerful project accounting, project planning, project collaboration and project tracking capabilities for online project cost management, billing and capacity planning. Project management system and tools model project processes and enforce best practices that facilitate reliable and consistent project planning, execution and completion. Tenrox provides online workflow management software for managing projects and project processes using intuitive web-based project management tools.

“One of the biggest reasons for choosing Tenrox project management software is that it’s flexible enough to let us replicate the work processes that we developed in-house, but robust enough to give us much more powerful workflow management and rules application.”

Executive V.P.

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