Real-Time Visibility into your Projects

Powerful, intuitive project Management software designed to leverage your existing enterprise software solutions

Tenrox solutions help you meet the challenges of managing a globally dispersed workforce, the projectization of work and increased regulatory scrutiny. We make it easy to enforce your work policies, comply with regulations, embrace proven best practices, assess project health, account for all project cost and revenue, and analyze your resource planning requirements in real-time. You will gain instant visibility, make better decisions, adapt faster to changing business conditions, and execute projects more effectively.

Tenrox is a cloud, workflow-driven, modular solution that empowers your project workforce locally, and provides visibility globally. We make it possible for you to manage your globally dispersed customers, projects and teams regardless of their time zone or physical location, eliminating the spreadsheets and custom-built applications enterprises use to fill the gaps caused by disconnected inadequate systems. Integration with leading accounting, payroll, financial, CRM, and project management systems is built-in.

Tenrox Solutions:

  • Project Workforce Management: Plan and budget for portfolios and projects, manage demand and resource scheduling, forecast resource utilization, track project time and all other job costs; report on project financials.
  • Professional Services Automation: Gain real-time visibility into your resource utilization, project status, cost and revenue; manage your practices, projects and resources; reduce project execution costs; accelerate project billing.
  •  Track time and expenses in the cloud for client billing, project time tracking, project costing, time and attendance for payroll processing.

Forecast, Plan and Manage with Tenrox

Simple Phased Implementation

No need to worry about disrupting day-to-day operations or threatening user acceptance with long, complex implementations. Deploy in a phased manner - Cater to your most pressing need first. Start with one module, such as Project Planning to eliminate spreadsheets, and then adopt others over time at your own pace, from Cost accounting and billing to Workforce Management, Scheduling and Planning, to Work Process Management, to Analytics. All these solutions can be implemented in a phase manner to meet your business needs.

Graphical Workflow Engine

The Tenrox online project management software solution is built on an adaptable, graphical workflow platform application using pictorial icons to represent processes and resources. Just drag and drop icons to design and change workflows for any of your business processes. Automate approvals, routing, assignments, and notifications. With our applications and software tools, no programmers are required which means with our simple business product application there is no downtime.

Work breakdown structures to mirror the way you do business

Easily map your web based Tenrox project management software solution to your corporate structures: Capture and track project data at any level of detail, mirror every business operation area with distinct functional and approval hierarchies, and summarize or drill down into your project workforce financials. Tenrox is the perfect online project management software solution to align your projects and workforce with your business goals.

Built-in integration with leading business applications and solutions

Web based project management software from Tenrox is designed to exchange data with leading accounting, payroll, project management, human resources, and CRM systems. Integration is right out-of-the-box. Just hook up the connections. No more disconnected systems. No more spreadsheets to bridge the gap.

Compliance made simple and easy

In minutes, generate the reports, breakdowns and audit trails you need for compliance with government regulations like Sarbanes-Oxley or contractual requirements like those under the Defense Contract Audit Agency (DCAA), or federal and state wage laws. The system automatically accounts for local labor requirements such as overtime.

Empower your projects locally, gain project visibility globally

Online project management software solutions from Tenrox empower your project workforce to make fast informed decisions based on real-time project status, cost and revenue information. Tenrox project management software includes powerful tracking, scheduling and reporting features that help you standardize and enforce your policies, adopt best practices, and monitor and control your projects in real time with user configured dashboards and reports tailored to meet your business objectives.

“With Tenrox, we have a disciplined, structured way to capture all the data and the details and the ability to track, monitor, and analyze any project at any time. The workforce planning tools help us maximize resource allocation and gain better visibility into our projects for more efficient, effective delivery of our services. The software also will help us streamline our billing and cost accounting processes and give real-time revenue and cost overviews for our projects.”

Professional Services Manager

This report is the report for leaders of professional services (PS) organizations globally as it is completed by and is intended for PS executives. We believe it is important to benchmark the PS space, especially given the severity of the recession of 2008 and the impact it had on services organizations and their buyers

During this webinar you will learn how CRM and project management software can integrate and exchange information to provide sales and project teams ...